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About Us / Profile

About Us / Profile

Investment Planning Begins With Envisioning Your Goals

We exist to help appreciate your worth by providing personalized, quality advice.

Our trained professionals will assist you in developing a portfolio suited to accomplish your financial goals.

We aim to simplify your investment experience by listening to what you want and then working with you to select options suited to your investing personality.

As an independent mutual fund dealer, Networth Financial Corp. is committed to offer a full range of mutual fund services to improve your financial well being.

Contact us to locate an advisor who can help you with:

  • Mutual Fund Investments and Analysis
  • Asset Allocation Strategies
  • Risk Profile Assessment
  • Portfolio Structuring



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Networth Financial Corp. is pleased to provide you with opportunities to invest in various Mutual Funds approved for BC, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario investors.

Networth Financial Corp. is responsible only for business licensed under the Provincial Securities Act & Regulations. It does not supervise or review any other business. Our representatives conduct other business licensed under the Financial Institutions Act, which is the responsibility of another licensed entity, & not the responsibility of Networth Financial Corp.

This website addresses many areas which are essential when considering one's overall financial picture. The articles and information provided on this website are intended to raise issues and help you find solutions with appropriate professionals and should not be construed as advice for any specific situation or individual.

Always consult your representative and your tax or legal professional if applicable before taking personal action.